Koyfin is a data analytics platform for investors to research stocks and other asset classes through dashboards and charting. Historically, professional investors had very limited tools, such as Bloomburg, costing $2,500 per month. Not only are competitors expensive, but also the user interface and interaction are very confusing. Users have to read 200 pages of manual instructions, which is time-consuming. Koyfin started with a mission to provide data to investors with ease of user experience, accessible membership, and intuitive workflows. As the founding product designer of the said mission, I am responsible for driving design strategy and crafting design direction.

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Founding designer
2016 - 2017


Initial launch

As a founding member, I started working on Koyfin with CEO Rob Koyfman from the very beginning at a coffee shop in East Village in April 2016. Having spent the evenings for a few months prior bootstrapping a discovery process, we dove in to build an MVP. After a year of research insight and collaborating with engineers to implement the initial product, we were beta testing in early 2017. At Koyfin, I was committed to building the right product by iterating user experience.

Optimize data dimensions
I quickly became a financial data expert by talking to investors and data providers. I was on a mission to create an experience that’s simple and also gives out rich complex data at the same time. Through information architecture reorganization with fundamental analysis data, I pushed the design direction to include an interactive layout that could expand data from flat numbers to release multidimensional contexts.

Dynamic charting system
Charting is a big component behind data analytics. I helped in setting up a dynamic way to create all chart shapes with multiple axes and annotations with ease.

Peer quotes

"I met May when I was first starting Koyfin and she was one of the biggest contributors to our early product success. She designed the entire UI and UX for Koyfin even though she hadn’t worked in finance before. She quickly learned the functionality that our users expected, and was able to marry modern design concepts with traditional finance workflows. May is extremely productive and a pleasure to work with."

- Founder / CEO


- Active users grew from 0 to 10,000
- Initial information architecture setup and design strategy
I was extremely happy for Koyfin’s launch and growth. This was a true zero-to-one product building process. Koyfin now is a product users love and are highly engaged with.